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Sustainability is a conscious part of all my projects.

Images from a few recent projects.

Not only does being outside and gardening have a positive impact on mood and brain chemistry, but the connections we make with nature help drive more sustainable behavior all around. In gardening we have an incredible opportunity to have a positive impact on our environment, and by making careful choices during the design process we can also take steps to minimize any negative impacts.


For example:

  • Planting trees to capture carbon and provide cooling,

  • Choosing locally grown species and cultivars that provide forage for a wide variety of pollinating insects and wildlife,

  • Opting for permeable materials that slow down water flow,

  • Using mulches to retain water and reduce weeds,

  • Using planting schemes to work with the soil and water available.


Even if it is just in a small way, sustainability is a conscious part of all my garden projects. I am a firm believer that whatever the capacity, even small steps, when added together can be powerful. 

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