5 Best Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers in 2017

4-ftDo your bushes look leggy and overgrown? Are they becoming a tangled mess of branches that are taking over your garden? Does your garden look more like something that belongs in a scary movie?

You might be considering pulling all those overgrown evergreens up and starting over again, but with the right tools, you can have well-groomed bushes just like those you see in home and garden magazines. You just need a hedge trimmer.

A great battery powered hedge trimmer can quickly and effectively tame and prune that messy thicket into well-groomed plants that will highlight your property and bring value and beauty to your home.

Understanding Your Options: Things to Consider

A battery-powered hedge trimmer can be a big investment, so you want to make sure you have the best one for your needs. Before you buy, you will want to consider a few things, including:

  • The number of hedges that are on your property, which would dictate the size and cutting power of the battery you would need
  • The size of the branches on your brush since most hedge trimmers are designed to handle branches up to ½- to ¾-inch in diameter
  • The frequency of use since frequent use can put much higher demands on a trimmer than occasional use

Some other considerations include:

  1. A locking or non-locking switch: A switch that requires continuous pressure can provide you with an extra measure of safety if you will be working near pets or children while a switch with a locking switch can prevent fatigue during use.
  2. Weight: Larger batteries are more powerful, but they can also be heavier, which can make them difficult to use for longer periods. Lightweight construction can help prevent fatigue so that you can get the job done faster.
  3. Warranty: A good warranty will protect you from unexpected problems.

Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer Reviews: Top 5 Picks

1. Black and Decker LHT2436 24″ 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer


This Black and Decker cordless hedge trimmer has a 24-inch shearing blade that is designed to cut the toughest branches cleanly and evenly , including branches up to ¾ of an inch thick. It runs on a 40-volt lithium ion battery, which can hold a charge for up to 6,000 feet of trimming. With soft grips and a compact, lightweight design, it is comfortable and easy to use. It comes with the added peace-of-mind of a two-year warranty.


  • Fast Energy Star-qualified charger
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Rust-resistant steel blades
  • Powerful


  • Tends to become hot during use
  • Battery placement might be awkward for some

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2. EGO Power+ 24″ 56V Li-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer


The Ego Cordless Hedge Trimmer is designed to work in all weather with a 5-year tool warranty. Its dual-action hardened steel blades are designed to cut up to ¾-inch branches cleanly and precisely to stimulate new growth. At 3,000 strokes per minute, this trimmer can power through big jobs quickly and efficiently, and the electronic brake can halt the blade just as quickly for safer control.


  • Long-lasting battery power
  • Well-balanced and fairly lightweight
  • Superior quality


  • Requires two-handed operation
  • Battery and charger not included

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3. Dewalt DCHT860M1 40V Li-Ion Hedge Trimmer


This Dewalt hedge trimmer is made to cut precisely and with a clean finish thanks to its 22-inch laser-cut blades and speed of 3,100 strokes per minute. It has a removable gear case cover so that you can quickly and easily change blades. The hooked-tooth guard blade can power through branches up to ¾-inch thick. The trimmer comes with a 40v lithium ion battery and charger as well as a state of charge indicator.


  • Durable Xenoy housing
  • 80-minute run time on single charge
  • Easy blade changes
  • Powerful


  • Fairly heavy
  • Can be unwieldy

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4. Black and Decker LHT2220 22″ 20V Li-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer


This Black and Decker cordless hedge trimmer is designed to give you professional-looking results regardless of the size of your job. It comes with a 20-volt MAX lithium ion battery, which is compatible with other Black and Decker cordless gardening tools and is formulated for maximum performance. Its 22-inch dual-action blades can cut up to 3,000 square feet of hedges on a single charge, and it can cut ¾-inch branches with precision.


  • Cushioned wraparound handle for greater comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Energy Star rated
  • Easy to handle


  • Long recharging time
  • Limited run time

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5. GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX 40V 20″ Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer


This versatile GreenWorks cordless pole hedge trimmer allows you to trim virtually any bush or hedge easily with a single tool. It has a pivoting head with three different positions, an adjusting blade and extended reach handle that allows you to trim at virtually any angle. The trimmer has a ?-inch cutting capacity to handle larger branches with easy. It comes with the G-MAX 40V Li-Ion battery system, which can power a variety of tools to simplify life.


  • Recharges quickly
  • 50-minute runtime on a single charge
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Battery and charger included


  • Can struggle with thicker branches
  • Plastic housing

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Taming the Beast: How to Use a Hedge Trimmer?

Plants can need pruning at different times of the year, and each plant can need different types of pruning. Research the types of hedges you have so that you know exactly what yours need and when. Your next step is to ensure your safety. Work gloves and protective eye-wear are essential. If the trimmer is particularly loud, you might also need hearing protection.

Now, you are ready to start trimming. Use two hands to guide the trimmer, and make sure that your cuts are smooth and even. Move the trimmer sideways along the top of the hedge and from the bottom to the top to clean up the sides of the hedge.

How to take care of Hedge Trimmer?

Proper maintenance will extend the life of your trimmer. Lubricate the blades after each use, and run the trimmer briefly so that the lubricant is able to coat the blades thoroughly. Check that the debris shield is properly attached and intact and that the handle is securely attached as well.

Blades can become dull over time and will snag on branches. Check the instructions for your trimmer to see if the blades can be sharpened. Many models can be, but if not, they will need to be replaced for the sake of safety and to keep your trimmer running effectively and efficiently.

Conclusion: The Best Hedge Trimmer for You

The best battery powered hedge trimmer can give you the nicely manicured garden of your dreams. Look for one that is lightweight, easy to handle and designed for durability. Once you get the hang of trimming your hedges, you might just find yourself looking for more bushes to trim!

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